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Animal Hoarding and Collectors


Loving Animals to Death
An animal hoarder can be identified as somebody who has an unusually large number of animals, while unable to provide minimal care for the animals in the home. Often living in a state of denial, the collector may believe that all animals in his/her care are well-cared for despite any obvious physical evidence to the contrary, including, but not limitted to unsanitary conditions, starving or ill animals, and even dead animals in the home. An animal hoarder may believe that nobody else can possibly care for the animals as well as the hoarder does, resulting in refusal to give up animals to qualified homes and caregivers.

Health Hazards
The spread of disease is a serious concern regarding animal collectors. Due the ever-increasing number of animals, a new collector will quickly lose control of the increasing demands, neglecting to clean up feces, vomit, urine, and fail to provide veterinary care for any ill or injured animals. Infections, parasites, and viruses can spread quickly, to both humans and animals, furthering the deterioration of the home.

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