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Whether you have a purebred dog, a "hybrid" dog, or a good old-fashioned mutt, there is no doubt that your dog is special to you. Every dog has certain traits that sets it apart from all others, regardless of breed. However, there is something about mixed breed dogs – a kind of uniqueness wrapped in mystery that is somehow different than a purebred dog. That being said, most dog owners cannot imagine loving one dog more than another once they have formed that special bond.

Those who have been to animal shelters and rescues groups know that mixed breed dogs make up a large portion of abandoned and unwanted pets. The next time you decide that you are ready for a new dog, consider adopting a wonderful mutt. What a great way to help dogs in need.

Are you all about mutts? If so, you are not alone - millions of people adore their mixed breed dogs. Want to see your own mixed breed dog in this gallery? Submit your photos and tell us more about your wonder mutt.

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Gizzmo, a 6 year old possible Brussels Griffon mixGizzmoDutchess: 3 year, 10 month old Australian Shepherd / Blue Healer mix;  Dakota 2 year old Chocolate LDutchess and DakotaSuki, a 6 month old mixed breedSukiFinneas, a year and half month old mixFinneas
Charlie, a mixed breed dogCharlieDylan, a female hound mixDylanBatman, age 1yr - German Shepherd/Basenji mixBatmanInu, a 9 month old mixed breedInu
Chloe, a 14 year old muttChloeBuddy, a Terrier/Dachshund mix - 13 years old and still activeBuddyPicture of Mixed Breed Dog Astrid - Mutt Photo  AstridPicture of Mixed Breed Dog Astrid on the Beach - Mutt PhotoAstrid on the Beach
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