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Your Dog's Bizarre Eating Habits


Eating Too Quickly:
Scarfing food too quickly can be a dangerous choking hazard. You can slow your dog down by spreading his food around on a cookie sheet, where he can't grab and gulp in a hurry. This really works best with dry kibble, although I will admit that I haven't tried it with a wet food.
Other things you can try:
  • Place a large, heavy ball in the middle of your dog's food dish, forcing him to eat around the ball.
  • Feed him by hand, training him to take things slowly, and not rush through each handful of food. Show him that no matter how fast eats his mouthful, he still has to wait for the next.
Carrying Food to Different Areas of the Home:
Where she's bringing her food will tell you why. If she brings it to wherever you are, whether it's one mouthful at a time, or the whole bowl at once, she just wants to eat in your company. Since carrying food all over the house can be a messy business, the best solution is to just resign yourself to having her eat with you, and start feeding her wherever you commonly are at mealtimes.
"Snacking" All Day:
This tends to be more of a problem when there are multiple dogs involved, or when the snacking dog eats far more than he should be. Some dogs can be free-fed with no trouble and not have any weight issues, but other dogs are not so lucky.
If your dog is one of the ones who doesn't know when to stop, you'll need to limit his access to the food. Set his food out and time it, removing the bowl after twenty minutes. If he hasn't eaten very much at that time, try again after a few hours. Take the food away for the rest of the day once you've judged that he has eaten enough.
Refusal to Eat:
"When he gets hungry enough, he'll eat."
While the above is true enough in some circumstances, there may be reasons other than being a finicky eater. If your dog suddenly stops eating for no apparent reason (food change, new home, during boarding, etc.) have him checked by your veterinarian. This could be a sign of a health problem.
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