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General Dog Care For Everyday

More than just "feed the dog daily", having a pet of any sort is a responsibility. With this subject we'll tackle the day-to-day care that a dog needs, as well as season specific needs.
Dog Grooming Tips
Having a shiny coat isn't just about beauty. A shiny coat is the result of your dog being healthy. And we all want a healthy dog, right? Read on to learn the top tricks of giving your dog a shiny coat.
Cold Weather Tips for Dogs
Weather changes affect us all, even our fur-encased dogs. You might think that that nice warm coat of fur is sufficient to keep the chill off, but it really is not. Add in the overall atmospheric changes, the storms, and of course: the ice and snow, and your dog has a lot to deal with, especially if he's more often outside than in! ollow these guidelines for making your dog's winter as comfortabl…
Your Puppy: 8 Weeks to 18 Months of Behavior, Nutrition, Health and Training
Everything you need to know about your new puppy's first six months in your home. How he'll behave, what you should feed him, what he needs to learn, and how to prevent and treat health problems.
Moving Your Dogs to a New Town
Things you should check for when you are planning to move your household and dogs to a new neighborhood or township.
Free Range Dogs
The dangers of letting your dogs run loose and the diseases they can catch from other dogs and wildlife.
The Perils of Free Range Dogs
The dangers of letting your dogs roam the neighborhood.
How To Cut A Dog's Nails Without The Blood, Sweat and Tears!
How to cut a dog's nails is one of the most frequently asked question when it comes to grooming dogs.
What's That Funky Smell?
Why does your dog smell awful? It could be his food, his fur, or just his natural smell.
Basic Dental Care for Healthy Teeth
I have a grinning dog. He grins at visitors, he grins at the kids, and he especially likes to grin when he sees dinner coming. Since Raider likes to show off his teeth so much, I try to keep them as white as possible (a yellow grin just doesn't get the same reaction as a bright white one).
Training Collars
A look at the five main training types of collars, to find out which will best suit your dog and which ones to avoid.
Tough Choices that Responsible Dog Owners Face
Euthanizing or re-homing ... making the best decision for your home. Tough choices are a part of life and the right answer isn't always clear.
The Scoop on Poop
Everything you ever wanted to know about dog poop, and a whole scoop of things you didn't.
Company's Coming ... What about the dog?
If you're having a large bunch of people over for company, especially if that bunch includes children, it may be better to contain your dog.
Prevent Your Dog from Biting People or Other Animals
Steps you can take to prevent your dog from causing injury to other people or animals. Be a responsible dog owner!
Keeping Cool in the Summer Heat
Beat the summer heat by helping your dog stay cool.
Can Dogs Get Human Head Lice?
Can they pass it to other humans from thier fur?
Your Dog's Bizarre Eating Habits and What to do About Them
Does he eat too fast, scarfing his food without really chewing? Is she picking her food up bit by bit and eating it smewhere else? The weird eating habits of our dogs and which ones could be dangerous.
Should dewclaws be removed?
What to do about my dogs dewclaws? Will they catch on things and be torn off?
Dog Safety for Kids
Teaching children how to react to a dog is the first step in Bite Prevention.
Heat Stroke Kills
With the temperatures rising as we get deeper and deeper into the summer months, it is extremely important to prevent your dog from overheating.
About Dogs A to Z
The A to Z Site-map for this website. Everything you need to know about, from Addison's Disease, to Zoonotic Diseases, and everything in between.
Neuter and Spay : For their Health
Pet overpopulation is one of the greatest reasons to have all your pets sterilized, but did you know that is not the only reason? Did you know that by having your dog neutered or spayed you can eliminate the risk of serious future health problems as well?
Coat Care
How to keep your dog's coat looking great, and removing those pesky things that get caught in it while doing the least amount of damage.
Antifreeze Poisoning Help
An article that tells what to watch for, how to avoid having your pet poisoned and where to get help.
Giving Your Dog a Bath
Help for beginners, how to keep your dog clean by giving him a bath, indoors and out.
The Fourth of July
Protect your dog from fireworks this fourth of July!
What is Neutering and what does it do?
Technically, neutering refers to the removal of the reproductive organs on both male and female animals. However, neutering, also known as orchidectomy, is most commonly referred as the de-sexing of male animals, removing the testicles.
Summer Pet Care Tips
Tips on keeping your pet safe during the summer months from pests, poisons, and parasites.
Winter Tips
Great tips for keeping your dog safe and warm during the chilly season.
How to Trim Your Dog's Nails
Step by step help for the oftenm-stressful chore of nail trimming.
What is Spaying and what does it do?
Spaying is the only sure way to prevent pregnancy in female dogs or cats.
Main Archives
Check the Archives if you're just browsing through to see what's available, or if you're looking for something in particular.
Summer Care for the Outdoor Dog
How to protect your outdoor dog from heat exhaustion and heat stroke in the hot summer months.
My Dog is Missing!
We all hope that this is something we never have to say, but if the worst happens, here's some steps you can take to help bring her back home again as soon as possible. If your dog is gone now and you are looking for help, check these pages, along with the printable checklist to help you out when your emotions are a-tangle.
Declare War on Fleas!
Are those irritating little bloodsuckers driving your dog and you insane? Don't despair! There are a lot of ways to rid yourself of these vampires, some natural, some chemical, and a cheap and easy trick to get rid of them from your furnishings for good!
Microchipping - Identification for the 21st Century
Collar tags and even tattoos are becoming obsolete with microchipping on the rise. As more pets are implanted the number of permanently lost dogs is decreasing.
Fencing Materials and Building Fences
Frequently asked questions about fencing, designs, and materials.
Free Range Dogs
Free-range dogs represent a lot of trouble. They scare children and other adults who are unable to tell if the dog is friendly or aggressive, they fight with other dogs who may be secured in their own yards, but that does not prevent the loose dog from entering.
Got Skunk?
Has your best buddy been tango-ing with a striped friend lately? Is he smelling a little ripe? Here are four, tried and true recipes for removing the skunk smell from your dog's fur.
Christmas Safety Tips for Curious Dogs
We want your entire family to have the safest, happiest Christmas season possible. With the help of the folks over at the Dogs Forum, we present to you, a collection of Christmas safety tips.

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