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Picking the Perfect Dog


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Know What You Expect from a Dog
Picking the Perfect Dog

Everybody wants the perfect dog.

Photo courtesy of Mickey's Mom

The most important part of choosing your newest family member, is knowing what you want and expect from a dog in your household. Everybody has certain expectations, and a vision in their mind about their future relationship is going to work out.

If you want a dog that will be a child's companion and playmate, it behooves you to do your research about dog breeds, dog temperament, and to train your children accordingly. Teaching very small children to respect animals and treat them with kindness is an easy thing to do as long as your both observant and consistent at all times.

The Retriever breeds (Golden and Labrador) are still the most popular choice for family pets, but did you know that the Standard Poodke is also a great breed for a family with children? The English Springer Spaniel and Staffordshire Bull Terrier are also breeds that are well-known for their compatibility with kids.
Read more about choosing your child's companion.
If you expect your dog to be a working partner, then you'll want to look at breeds that are bred for the type of work you want to do with your new dog. The same applies if you are a dog-sport enthusiast, looking for an athlete, or even a couch-potato who wants a lap-warmer.

This all may seem daunting at first, but don't worry, I'm here to help you through the process. Using the following steps to analyze your desires, abilities and expectations will help you choose the best match in a dog for your family and lifestyle.
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