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Dog Breed Information

Dogs may have originated from wolves, but they have come a long way. Find descriptions about dog breeds from Affenpinschers to Yorkshire Terriers, including mixed breeds. Use this information to decide which breed suits you best, or simply learn more about your favorite breed.
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Dog Breeds - All About Dog Breeds
It's all about dog breeds! Whether you are looking for the right dog breed or just want to learn more about choosing a dog, you can find more information here. Read about specific dog breeds or learn about the benefits of certain dogs - even mixed breed dogs.

A to Z Dog Breeds
Quickly find the dog breed information you need with this alphabetical listing of dog breeds.

What is a Designer Dog Breed?
What is a designer dog breed? What are hybrid dogs? Learn all about hybrid dogs and designer dog breeds. Find out why designer dog breeds and hybrid dogs are so popular.

The Joy of Mutts
Find out all about the wonder of mutts! Mixed-breed dogs make amazing companions. Here are some reasons why.

Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds
Hypoallergenic dog breeds can be breath of fresh air to the allergic dog lover. Though no dog is non-allergenic, these low-shedding hypoallergenic dog breeds may be appropriate for some allergy sufferers.

Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds - Best Dogs for the Allergic
Dog lovers that suffer from allergies often struggle with a dilemma - get a dog and suffer or sacrifice the companionship of a canine. What dog breeds or types of dogs have worked for you?

The Best Dogs for Kids
Finding the best dog for kids requires some serious planning. Discover the factors you should consider, including breed, age and size. Learn how to choose the best dog for your kids.

The Best Dogs for Kids - Your Favorite Family Dog
Just like no two families are quite the same, no two dogs are either. Many of us have fond memories of family dogs from childhood. Additionally, many of us are living with the perfect family dog right now. Tell us what makes your favorite family dog so special. Is it about a specific breed, a lucky find, special training, or something else?

Top Small Dog Breeds
Small breed dogs are extremely popular for several reasons. They are portable, meaning they can fit in little carriers and go with you many places. In general, they take up little space and typically do well in cramped homes and apartments. Most of all, these little ones are absolutely adorable! What other reason do you need? No type of dog...

What is a Puppy Mill?
What exactly is a puppy mill? Find out about puppy mills and what they represent, Learn how to avoid promoting puppy mills and to help stop their operations.

How to Choose an Experienced Dog Breeder
Are you in search of a purebred puppy? Picking the right breeder is the first and most important step. Learn how to choose an experienced dog breeder before you get your new puppy.

Top Ten Dog Breeds of 2010
Every year, the AKC releases the list of the most registered dog breeds. Check out this list of the top ten dogs breeds of 2010 according to the AKC dog breed registration statistics and see if your favorite breed made the top ten.

Top Ten Dogs Breed of 2009
Every year, the AKC releases the list of the most registered dog breeds. Check out this list of the top ten dogs breeds of 2009 according to the AKC dog breed registration statistics and see if your favorite breed made the top ten.

Top Ten Dog Breeds of 2008
Every January, the American Kennel Club publicly releases the previous year's breed registration statistics. Check out this photo gallery of the AKC Top Ten Breeds for 2008 - is your dog on the list?

Book Review: What Dog Are You?
Read a book review of What Dog are You? Discovering Your Inner Pooch, a dog-related quiz book. Answer questions about yourself from a dog's perspective, then learn which dog breeds are most like you.

American Kennel Club
The American Kennel Club has been an advocate for purebred dogs since 1884, promoting responsible dog ownership, proper breeding standards and canine well-being. Find information about dog breeds, find a breeder, learn about dog breeding and much more.

Find a Dog Breeder
Read about dog breeds and search for a breeder near you.

How to Train a Labrador Retriever
With their eagerness to please and their affection natures, it's no wonder Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds. Learn some tips on how to train a Labrador Retriever.

Hybrid Dogs
Hybrid dogs have become become the latest trend among many dog enthusiasts. The product of breeding two purebred dogs, these hybrid dogs make for some interesting combinations. Read the profiles and see the pictures to decide for yourself - are they designer dogs or just mutts?

What Is a Backyard Breeder?
Do you know the difference between a backyard breeder and a responsible dog breeder? Learn now so you can make the right choice when choosing a purebred puppy.

How To Choose A Responsible Dog Breeder
If you have decided to buy a purebred puppy, it is now time to search for the right dog breeder. Find a breeder who is responsible, reputable, experienced and ethical.

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