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Raw Diet Suppliers


Feeding your dog an all-natural, raw diet is one of the most debated decisions in dog care today. You don't have to become a canine gourmet overnight though. If you aren't the type to sink your fingers into raw meat, you can buy freeze-dried and frozen entrees for your dogs.
    Alternatives 4 Pets has changed their name to PoshNosh Inc.
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    PoshNosh (formerly Alternatives 4 Pets) is raw diet supplier with a large variety of raw meaty bones, boneless meats, or meal packages. Some of their offerings include:
    • An extensive selection of naturally raised meats with bone.
    • Boneless meats
    • Muscles and Organ Meats
    • Vegetable and Fruit Mixes
    • Meat Broths
    • Gourmet Meals

    Aunt Jeni
    See Their Website
      Aunt Jeni is a raw food manufacturer and now supplies Green Tripe as well. See also:
    • HomeMade 4 Life

    Barf World
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    Far More is a raw diet company, selling whole meals and raw chewing bones.
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    Green Tripe
    See Their Website
    • Green Tripe is a family-owned distributor of raw organ and muscle meats from cattle. Their offerings are not for the faint of stomach, but are untouched by hormones and preservatives. Should not be used as an only source of nutrition, but supplemented with other raw materials.

    Martin's K-9 Formula
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    • Martin's K-9 Formula
    • Martin's also supplies raw meat mixtures to add to your dog's diet. Tripe, buffalo, and beef varieties are available.

    Mountain Dog Food
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    • A frozen, raw diet supplier, Mountain Dog Food is a Canadian company located in Alberta.

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