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Is your dog a raw diet dog? Or is he a commercial pet food dog? A more in-depth look at the available diets for dogs, including all-natural diets, the big name brand diets, and even vitamins and supplements.
How Much Dog Food to Feed The Dog
Feed them too much, and they get fat and develop serious health problems; feed them too little and they become scavengers and eat anything that looks like it might have a taste.
Healthy Treats for the Whole Family
Home-made treats are a healthy and delicious option to processed products. Nutritious treats and snacks can easily be made at home and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing exactly what you're giving all of the members of your family.
Culinary Crossing Dog Food
Making the dog food decision. Use these pages to have a look at what ingredients dog food is made with to help you decide what to feed your dog.
What Causes Gas in Dogs
What causes gas in dogs? Unfortunately, there is not one simple answer as the reason can range from bad food to parasites to illness. To get to the, uh, bottom, of what's causing gas in your particular furry friend, you first need to look at the whole animal.
Raw Diet Suppliers
You don't have to become a canine gourmet overnight though. If you aren't the type to sink your fingers into raw meat, you can buy freeze-dried and frozen entrees for your dogs.
How to Read Dog Food Labels
Thanks to AAFCO, we consumers have some protection against misleading dog food labels. It doesn't do us any good though, unless we take the time to learn the rules and how they apply to the wording on labels. Subtle differences in the title arrangement, and word order can make a big diference in what the dog food actually contains.
Why Worry About Dog Food?
Dog foods, like dogs, come in a vast range of variety. Your dog's overall health depends on being fed a good quality diet.
The Dog Food Database
What is in these dog foods? Ingredients and Analysis - Foods are added as I find themand if you find I've missed an important brand, please let me know.
Healthy Weight, Not Heavy Weight
Does this collar make me look fat? Can you feel my ribs? It might be time for a diet.
Corn, Wheat and Soy-Free Dog Foods for the Allergy Sufferer
Corn, soy, and wheat are three of the biggest culprits as far as food allergies in dogs go, and finding a brand of dry dog food that is free of these ingredients can be tricky. Here are the majour brands and flavours that are free of these allergens.
Long-Term (or not) Storage of Dry Dog Food
Where do you store your vast (or small) amounts of dog food? I'm looking at good-looking, practical, and space-saving solutions to storing over 100 pounds of dog food, even over long-term.
Dogs and Diets
A nutrition resource. What to feed your dog, the different diets and dry dog food comparisons. Information on supplements and special diets for the allergic pet.
The Raw Meat Debate
Looking at both sides of the great debate, and why some veterinarians think commercially prepared dog food is better.
Bones And Raw Food
Also known as Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, the BARF diet is taking the pet community by storm. A user-friendly BARF guide. Offensive name, ideal dog food.
Unbelievably long list of frequently asked questions. Everything from how often you feed to the "eating raw meat will give your dog a lust for blood" myth.
"Give Your Dog a Bone" 's Author Shares his Knowledge
Dr. Ian Billinghurst, veterinary surgeon and author of the popular book "Give Your Dog a Bone" shares his insight and knowledge on the internet.
The Pet Fit Challenge
Hill's Pet Fit Challenge will help you and pet stay in shape.
The Truth About the Kibble
One in-depth investigation about what manufacturers are putting into your dog's food.
Dangers of Supplements
A good article on when not to supplement your dog, and what an overdose of vitamins can do.
Dog Feeding FAQ
Frequently asked questions on feeding your dog, how much, what kind, and others.
Veterinary Q & A About the B.A.R.F. Diet
The question and answer session, brought to you by About's own Dr. Janet Tobiassen Crosby, DVM, Guide to Veterinary Medicine.
How to Change Your Dog's Diet
A change in diet done gradually makes for a more comfortable dog.
Obesity is a Major Problem in Dogs
Veterinary Medicine guide Janet Crosby tells of how oesity is a major problem for dogs.
Is my pet overweight?
Janet Crosby, our Vet Medicine guide explains how to tell if your pet is tipping the scales.
"Puppy" Food ? Yes or No ?
Is it good for your new puppy to feed him an age-specific puppy food as opposed to adult dog food? This page takes at a look the dog foods in question.

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