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What Do I Do With My Dog When I'm at Work?


Question: What Do I Do With My Dog When I'm at Work?

"I work eight hours a day during the week, but still would really like to share my life with a dog. How can I have a dog with my work schedule?"

Answer: Long working hours can seem a big hurdle to dog ownership, but don't need to prevent you from having a dog altogether. There are a few things you can do to make your working hours more compatible with a furry companion. Making use of your lunch time to come home and take the dog out for exercise is a great start, and here are a few other ideas to help you on the road to dog ownership.

Adopt an Older Dog
Skipping over the puppy ages also means skipping the need to be taken outside every two or three hours. An older dog (a year or older) can hold their bladder for a decent length of time, and can be left home longer than a young pup.

Hire a Dog Walker
Make use of any neighbourhood teenagers or kids (for small dogs) who want to earn a dollar or two, and hire them to take your dog for a walk, or even just let the dog out during the day while you're at work.

Consider Doggy Daycare
You may find it a worthy investment to enroll your dog into daycare for a couple of hours a week or each day, for socialization and exercise.

Use a Crate
Crate training can make a work day go considerably smoother, especially for dogs who can't quite be trusted to be loose in a home for various reasons. Use of a crate, however, doesn't rule out the need for somebody to check up on and take the dog out during a long day.

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