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Dog Breeds for the Active Lifestyle


Dog Breeds for the Active Lifestyle

Aiden, a Siberian Husky

Photo courtesy of and cbn2

Jogging partners, hiking buddies, and dog sport candidates, high energy breeds need to have active people. The Herding and Working groups as a whole fall under the high energy heading, and need a great amount of exercise daily in order to be content. Individual breeds within other groups can also be high energy, such as some from the Sporting, Terrier, and Hound groups.

There is one very important thing you need to keep in mind when assessing your lifestyle for an active breed. You need to asses your life realistically, not ideally. Don't get a dog for a jogging partner if you haven't started jogging yet. Breeds that need large amounts of exercise tend to become destructive when bored, and a bored dog with natural athletic abilities can make for some horrendous messes. Taking on one of these breeds means accepting that your dog needs to be worked hard, and providing that stimulus.

My Favorite High Energy Breeds

    The Border Collie
    A medium-sized, intense dog, the Border Collie is a shepherd's dream come true. The instinct to herd is so strong in these dogs that they often cause problems in the average pet home. Border Collies will chase anything that moves, even cars, and has been the result of many an early demise. The Border Collie needs a working home, or an owner who will work the dog, either in sports like Agility, or as a herder.

    The Siberian Husky
    A medium-sized, thickly coated dog, the Siberian Husky is a powerful pulling machine. His appearance is not overly stocky, but he is extremely powerful, and has incredible stamina. Because of his heritage and abilities, a Siberian Husky should never be trusted off-leash. They can be gone in a matter of seconds. Huskies stand approximately 24 inches tall at the withers and weigh between 45 and 60 pounds.

    The German Short-Haired Pointer
    An aristocratic dog, the German Short-hair is a tall dog who can hit 26 inches and 70 pounds at full growth, and has a nice build that's neither overly stocky or lean. His color and markings give a striking appearance. He needs an active owner who has considerable dog experience.

    These are just three breeds of the many that are high energy dog breeds. With any of the breeds or even mixes of these breeds, be prepared to spend hours each day walking, running, and playing with your dog. In general, these breeds tend to do best with a more experienced owner as well.

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