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Becoming a Dog Owner

Learn about the responsibilities of dog ownership and determine if you are ready for a dog or puppy. Get specifics that can help you decide where and how to get a dog with the following valuable resources regarding breeders, adoption groups and animal shelters. Discover what type of dog is best for you and understand why preserving the canine-human bond is so important.

Are You Ready to Get a Dog?
Getting a dog is more than just taking home the adorable little fur ball. Are you ready to get a dog? Here's what you need to know before you get a dog.

The Basic Needs of Dogs
Before you can decide if a dog is right for you, find out what a dog really needs to thrive. Learn how diet, exercise, veterinary care, grooming, training and home environment play vital roles in every dog’s well-being.

Reader Stories - How Did You Find the Right Dog for You?
Getting a dog is a major step that will change your life. Choosing the right dog can be a difficult decision to make. There are many factors to consider, including breed, age, size, activity level, personality and your own lifestyle. How did you end up choosing the right dog for you?

Choosing the Right Dog
Choosing a dog is a big decision. If you have decided that the time is right to welcome a new dog into your home, you must decide what dog is right for you. Before you get a dog, your must consider many factors. Here's how to choose the right dog for you.

Dog Adoption Guide
Dog adoption is a wonderful thing. There are millions of pets in shelters and rescues waiting for forever homes. Bringing an adopted dog into your home should be a rewarding experience for you and your family. Before you look for your future best friend, arm yourself with the knowledge to navigate the world of pet adoption and make the best...

Reader Stories - About My Adopted Dog
Do you have a great dog adoption story? Is your adopted dog amazing and worthy of recognition? Tell your story and show off your dog by creating your very own article about your adopted dog.

How to Choose an Experienced Dog Breeder
Are you in search of a purebred puppy? Picking the right breeder is the first and most important step. Learn how to choose an experienced dog breeder before you get your new puppy.

Renting with Dogs
Renting apartments and other homes with dogs can pose a challenge, but it can be done. Whether you are a dog owner looking for a rental home or a renter thinking about getting a dog, here is what you need to know about renting with dogs.

The Best Dogs for Kids
Finding the best dog for kids requires some serious planning. Discover the factors you should consider, including breed, age and size. Learn how to choose the best dog for your kids.

Dogs are Not Gifts
As cute as it may seem to give a new dog or puppy as a gift, it can actually be a terrible idea. Holiday gift dogs can be soon forgotten like all the new toys and gadgets. If someone you care about is interested in getting a dog, give a book about dog ownership or a dog accessory as a gift. Here's why giving the gift of a new dog is a bad idea.

Naming Your Dog or Puppy
Naming your dog or puppy can be tough. If you need to choose a name for your new dog or puppy, these tips can help. Here's how to navigate through the thousands of potential dog names and puppy names out there.

Best and Worst Dog Names - Readers Share Best and Worst Names for Dogs
Thousands of dogs names exist, some better than others. Readers share the best and worst dog names they have ever heard. What dog names do you think are the best and worst to name a dog?

How Long After the Death of My Dog Should I Wait to Get Another Dog?
If you have recently lost a pet, it can be difficult to know when the time is right to get a new dog. How can you tell?

What to Expect After Adopting A New Dog
Congratulations on your newly adopted dog! What's next? Here's an idea of what to expect over the first few weeks with your new companion.

Where to Get Your New Dog
Getting a dog is a big decision. Once you decide what type of dog you want, it's time to look for the perfect dog. Find out where to get your new dog. Decide if you should get your dog from an animal shelter, rescue group, breeder or elsewhere.

How To Choose A Responsible Dog Breeder
If you are ready for a dog and really want a purebred puppy, it's time to find a dog breeder. Here's how to search for a dog breeder who is responsible, reputable, experienced and ethical.

What Is a Backyard Breeder?
Looking for a purebred puppy? Do you know what the difference is between a backyard breeder and a responsible dog breeder? Find out now and make the right choice.

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