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Air, Overseas, and Out-of-Country Travel

Flying anywhere or leaving the country? Want to bring your best furry buddy? It can be done fairly painlessly if you follow the airline rules and country regulations and come prepared with everything you'll need.
Before You Buy An Airline Kennel
If air travel is in your plans for you and Pooch, you will need to purchase an airline crate. Airlines require these unless your dog is small enough to be considered carry-on luggage (under 10 pounds).
Entering the United States
The official regulations and laws regarding pets and other domestic animals entering the United States.
Coming to Canada
The requirements for bringing your non-human family member across the border into Canada.
Shipping Pets on AMC Aircraft - Dogs and Cats Only
Rabbits, gerbils, birds, snakes, fish, parrots, otters -- horses -- these are only some of the family pets people have tried to ship on military chartered aircraft when moving. To their chagrin, none of these prized pets were allowed aboard Air Force Air Mobility Command charters.
Pets in Greece
Moving to Greece or traveling with the four-pawed set.
Importation of Pets and Other Animals Into the United States
The Center for Disease Control's quarantine laws regarding pets entering the United States.
Entering Mexico
What you'll need to cross the Mexican border, and what you should NOT have.

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