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The Joy of Mutts – Why Mixed-Breed Dogs are Wonderful
Find out all about the wonder of mutts! Mixed-breed dogs make amazing companions. Here are some reason why.
Picture of Mixed Breed Dog Gizzmo - Cute Mutt Photo
Mixed breed dogs are definitely special. Like snowflakes, no two are alike. Check out some pictures of cute mutts and consider sending in photos of your own ...
Dog Breed Information - Purebred and Mixed Breed Dogs - About.com
Find descriptions about dog breeds from Affenpinschers to Yorkshire Terriers, including mixed breeds. Use this information to decide which breed suits you best, ...
Mixed Breed and Designer Dogs - Definition and Description
Learn the difference between mixed breed dogs, designer dogs and hybrid dogs in this article from puppies.About.com Expert Amy Shojai.
Picture of Mixed Breed Dog Astrid - Mutt Photo - Dogs - About.com
Picture of Mixed Breed Dog Astrid - Mutt Photo. ... Mixed Breed Dogs Photo Gallery ... Astrid is a mixed breed. . . not sure what, but she has a lot of Chow and  ...
All About Dog Breeds - Profiles and Photo Galleries
Whether you are looking for the right dog breed or just want to learn more about ... dog breeds or learn about the benefits of certain dogs - even mixed breed dogs .
My Mixed Breed Dog, Brandalina - Share Your Story: Living with a ...
Mixed Breed owners describe their pets. Learn about training and housebreaking Mixed Breeds, Mixed Breed health, shedding and other breed characteristics.
Picture of Mixed Breed Dog Bensen - Cute Mutt Photo
This is Bensen playing in snow for the first time. He is a two year old rescue dog who loves to have his picture taken. Bensen is part tricolor long hair Chihuahua,  ...
What Is a Designer Dog Breed - About Hybrid Dogs - About.com
Hybrid dogs are technically mixed-breed dogs. However, unlike the average mixed-breed dog or "mutt," a hybrid dog has purebred parents who, in most cases, ...
Picture of Mixed Breed Dog Dudley - Cute Mutt Photo
This is our dog Dudley. He is a three year old mutt. I was told when I adopted him that he was Husky & Shepherd, but we seem to think he is a Chinook after ...
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