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Dog Treat Varieties - Treats for Your Dog - Dogs - About.com
Learn about a variety of dog treats and decide which are best for your dog.
Using Treats for Dog Training - Dogs - About.com
Many trainers recommend using dog treats to train a dog. Treats can be used to lure dogs or to reward dogs. Find out more about using treats for dog training.
Best Dog Treats for Training - Dogs - About.com
Training a dog using positive reinforcement often calls for the use of dog treats. The best dog training treats are small, soft, and something your dog really enjoys.
7 Store-Bought Low-Calorie Dog Treats
Dog treats come in many appealing varieties, but sometimes they're too much of a good thing. Human obesity is an epidemic in America, and the problem is ...
Great Chilled Dog Treats for Summer - Dogs - About.com
When the weather gets hot, your dog deserves a nice, cold treat. Here are some ideas for healthy, inexpensive, chilled treats your dog will love.
Choosing Safe Dog (and Cat) Food and Treats
There's been a long controversy over dog treats made with Chinese ingredients. Many dog owners blame these treats for illnesses, and even deaths. Although ...
Choosing the Best Dog Chews: Treats for Dogs to Gnaw On
Got a dog that loves to chew? Choosing a safe and digestible chew for your dog can be difficult. Not all chews are the same, and different dogs might do best ...
Dog Treats? Avoid Jerky Treats! - Puppies - About.com
What's the deal with all the pet food recalls—and more recently, the dog treats and “jerky treat” illness scare? You've probably read about the most recent ...
Top Five Ways to Reward a Dog - Dogs - About.com
What are the best ways to reward a dog? Positive reinforcement dog training involves rewarding a dog for good behavior. Most of us think of treats when it ...
Top Food and Treat Dispensing Dog Toys - Dog Toys and Dog Treats
Dog toys that dispense food and treats are a great way to offer your dog mental stimulation and avoid common dog behavior problems. Before you start ...
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