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Dog Injuries - Ruptured Cruciate Ligament - Dogs - About.com
Learn more about canine ruptured cruciate ligaments, including surgical treatment and physical ... Dog After Knee Surgery - Photo: Chris Stein/Getty Images.
Canine Hip Dysplasia Equipment and Surgery Recovery
A dog's recovery from hip surgery is as varied as the veterinarian's you bring him to. In some cases, a regular regimen of non-strenuous exercise is ...
Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV) - Dogs - About.com
Mar 26, 2009 ... This serious health condition, also referred to as bloat, results from a dog's stomach filling with gas and/or food and expanding, then twisting.
Dog Neuter Surgery - Veterinary Medicine - About.com
Enter the operating room and see a canine castration, more commonly known as dog neuter surgery. This procedure requires general anesthesia maintained ...
Neutering (Castration) in Dogs and Cats - Veterinary Medicine
A general anesthetic is required, however, and there are risks, as with any surgery and anesthesia procedure. Dogs and cats generally recover a bit quicker from ...
Spaying (Ovariohysterectomy) Surgery in Dogs and Cats
Yes, because it involves surgically entering the abdomen, it is considered "major surgery". This should not frighten pet owners however, since this surgery is a ...
Spaying and Neutering - When To Neuter A Puppy
The words altering, sterilizing, and neutering all refer to surgery performed by a ... An ovariohysterectomy—or spay—removes the girl dog's ovaries and uterus.
8 Care Tips - After a Pet's Dental or Surgical Procedure
Most veterinarians send home printed handouts after an anesthetic procedure detailing the pet's post-procedure care. This is helpful because in the busy ...
Is this post abdominal (spay) surgery lump "normal"?
Answer: Please note: if you have any questions about your pet's care after surgery (or any time your pet is not well!), please call your veterinarian as soon as ...
Dog & Cat Spay: Can My Pet Be Spayed if She Is in Heat?
Additional Costs When Spaying a Pet in Heat If a pet is spayed while in heat, the surgery takes a little longer and additional surgical supplies such as gauze ...
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