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Propalin - Press Release
Propalin Strengthens The Bond Between Humans And Their Pets

Propalin Controls The Symptoms of Urinary Incontinence in Dogs to Bring Pet Owners and "Man’s Best Friend" Back Together

Phoenix, Arizona-May 21, 2003 -- Propalin, the drug of choice in the United Kingdom to fight urinary continence in dogs, is now available in the United States and it has shown amazing results. Clinical trials conducted on the drug have shown it's 89.7% more effective in reducing the symptoms, compared to other medications on the market.

It is estimated that approximately 2-million female dogs between the ages of 6 to 10, in the United States are affected by urinary incontinence. That figure does not reflect the unknown number of cases of incontinence in dogs that go untreated, which is causing many experts to become alarmed. The reason: Pet owners become so irritated by the drips and "wet spots" all over their homes, they mistakenly punish or, in worse cases, put their dog to sleep without realizing what their pet suffers from is a physical condition, that can be managed, and not a behavioral problem.

Urinary incontinence tests even the strongest pet-owner bond. While the dog is not at fault, the condition can cause severe emotional distress for both the dog and owner.

What Exactly Is Urinary Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is an involuntary loss in the ability to control urine. It occurs in dogs of both sexes and of all ages. There is no 100% cure for the condition, but treatments are available to manage the symptoms. Dogs will leak or dribble urine, many times while sleeping and they awake to "wet spots" unaware about what just occurred. Female dogs are more commonly affected by the condition. In more than 20% of cases, the symptoms appear after the female has been spayed. Older dogs tend to develop incontinence as a function of aging, regardless of breed or spay status.

What Does Propalin Do?

Propalin works by increasing the tone of the muscles at the bladder neck to strengthen it and prevent leakage. The main ingredient is Phenylpropanolamine, which acts to increase the tone in the muscles that make up the urethral sphincter. Propalin is safe and easy to use. It comes in a syrup form that can be added to dog food or in a tasty chewable tablet. It works quickly, with rapid improvements occurring usually within the first week. In clinical trials the side effects of Propalin were reported as being infrequent, mild and temporary. In most cases, treatment usually has to be continued for life, because although the drugs control the symptoms very well, they are not a cure.

About Vetoquinol USA

Vetoquinol USA Inc. is based in Buena, New Jersey. For 67 years, Vetoquinol, the developer of Propalin, has had only one objective: to serve animal health and the veterinarians responsible for it. Currently the world's 14th largest group in this sector, the company proves on a daily basis how committed it is to the cause. As a result of its research and in collaboration with its partners, Vetoquinol offers medicines and modern, innovative vaccines. The company has developed products for home pets, farm animals and the equestrian sector as well as many others.

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