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Shopping For Dogs (not dog owners)


The weeks leading up to Christmas have to be my least-favorite time of year. I like Christmas fine, just not the last half of November and the first three weeks of December. It did occur to me that I might like it more and be less stressed if I didn't successfully leave all my holiday shopping until December every year. This year I'm trying to avoid all the other last minute shoppers and shop online.

With a few people scratched off my list, and giving my credit card a breather, I started looking up dog gift items. This was pure fun. If you're looking for something for the dog who has everything ... then these are for you.

The Diva Dog Collection
Colorful leather leashes and matching collars, a beautiful, stylish gift set for any dog in the family. Sizes are made for any sized dog as well, from five pound Yorkshire Terriers to hundred pound and more large breeds.

Doggie Shades
Every dog with an ounce of "cool" needs a rockin' pair of shades! These gnarly canine sunglasses are specially fitted to wear comfortably on dog-shaped heads (of course) and fall harmlessly to the back if they slide off. A quick-release feature and easy reset to prevent strangulation should your dog get caught on something makes these shades a must have for brightly sunlit areas.

Pet Jewellery - Jewelled collars, charms and ... necklaces?
An outfit is just not lete without accessories. And what accessories they are. Jewelled collars, sparkling "necklaces" and pretty charms to hang off a collar ... what more could any stylish pet ask for?

That's what I get for asking that question. Rhinestone Dog Collars in pretty Christmas colors. The Holiday Rhinestone Collar is a very bright, affordable alternative to the jewelled collars above. Great for holiday photo sessions and public appearances.

For the wiener dog in your family, Doxie Designs is a great specialty site full of Dachshund apparel, pillows, specialty gear and cookies. All made specifically for that low-slung hound that you love so much.

And now ... Krista's Canine Christmas Shopping Experience brings you ...This.
Just ... wow. Wrought iron beds made to mimic the fancy beds you see if upscale furniture stores, and even some with unique styling. The ultimate in luxury for small dogs (everybody forgets about big dogs).

Over the top dog furniture not your style? Why not Build Your Own Basket then? You know what the lucky recipient will appreciate the most, so a custom-built basket is sure to be a hit!

And for fun, for dogs and dog people, Karen Pryor has Click-A-Trick Cards. Enjoy training your dog these simple but entertaining tricks and games, in easy-to follow steps on little flash cards, complete with a clicker. Great fun, and a great way to increase the bonding between you and your dog.

I'm afraid it's back to my regular Christmas shopping for me right now. Hopefully I'll manage to get it all done before Christmas Eve, for the first time ever. Happy Howl-idays!
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