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The "Dog eat Dog World" is No More ...


Now it's a Dog eat Hors D'oeuvre World.

No more "in the yard, where you belong", now pet owners are saying "on your sofa ... where you belong." Big dogs, little dogs and in-the-middle dogs are on the move and are slowly taking over the retail industry. I just know that somewhere, there's a Poodle standing in headquarters, issuing orders to her minions ... "More! We need more fluffy cushions, and more direct advertising! Target the children, they'll put the heat on their parents, and the cute puppies to whine for this warm sweater. Once we have the majority brainwashed, we'll be able to put our humans on a raw diet!"

All right, so this is rather far-fetched, but it would certainly explain the compulsion to buy things like expensive toys, real liver biscotti, and dog beds complete with legs and tasselled, tapestry cushions. Add this urge to buy to the multitude of specialty pet stores that are appearing like furballs online, in malls, and home businesses, and you'll get a multitude of happy (but nearly broke) owners, and even happier pets. Unless you are one of the enterprising individuals that are on providing end of these services, that is.

The pet market, is consistently ranked in the top ten for business opportunities, and as more and more dog owners are assimilated into the fold of "dog people", things will only get better business-wise.

Favourite Business Ventures
From timeless classics - providing a much-needed service like dog-walking, dog-sitting, grooming and training services - to the more specialized "item providers" listed below, dog business is good business.
  • Barkeries
    No, that's not a typo. A "Barkery" is a bakery just for dogs. Selling dog treats, and home-made dog food made from natural ingredients, and sometimes even something for the human as well, Barkeries are making a delicious hit with dog people.

  • Fur-niture
    Ah yes, I see the guilty looks now. How many of us have dog dishes for our pals? Or how about a dog bed? How many of us didn't even stop there, and bought the dog (or just let him have) his own chair? Pillow? Customized furniture for dogs is making it big. From small stuff like Sparky's name on his food and water bowl, to the tasselled bed I mentioned earlier, and pillows, dog furniture is getting fancier and fancier. Although I know my big sofa-hog would squish it in a matter of seconds, I was terribly tempted to buy that little canopied bed I saw online. Complete with matching bedding, and a perfect replica of what I would have wanted as a little girl, it had me wishing that I had a chihuahua-sized dog for once.

  • Wear-ables
    Fuzzy sweaters, fancy scarves and snappy bandanas are selling like milk bones. Add in a set of comfortable and practical booties, and a raincoat for the wet weather and your pooch will be the best-dressed in town! Don't forget life-jackets for the boating buddies and backpacks for hikers, dog wear-ables are becoming a very popular trend. After all, if you like to make a fashion statement, chances are, your dog does too.

  • Gift Baskets
    Custom gift baskets, goodies for dogs of all sizes and ages are making a big splash with people. Filled with toys, treats, collars and leashes, people are picking these up for the holidays and even as "Welcome Home" gifts for new puppies.

  • Canine Cafes
    A place for dog people to gather, hang around, eat, drink and be merry together. With their dogs of course. The popularity of little cafes is a simple sign stating "Dogs welcome". I wish we had one here.

  • First Aid Kits
    Field kits for hunters, first aid kits for vehicles, hikers, and households, every pet owner should have one. Filled with pet-safe medicines for on-the-spot immediate care and first aid books to help you out in an emergency, bandages and other emergency-care items.
Now that you've seen what can be done if a business-minded person decided to take advantage of the pet craze sweeping the nation, are you going to be the next shop opening up in your town? Chances are, if there are dog people around, your business will be a success.
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