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The Price of a Purebred Puppy

You Should Get What You Pay For


The price of a purebred puppy depends on if you are buying a "show or working quality" puppy, or a "companion only" puppy. Puppies sold on a spay/neuter contract usually average around $800.00 in price. Puppies sold for working or competing can be as high priced as $1500.00.

Have you ever seen two people in a room, one a definite "Cat Person", the other a "Dog Person", and then then hear them compare the prices of their chosen species? The conversation went something like this:

"You paid $900.00 ... for a DOG?! You must be kidding me! It's only a dog! That's how much my Persian, Fluffy cost!"

And the rebuttal: "For a CAT?!? You paid how much for that cat? It's just a cat! Nothing like a dog at all!"

Well, well. Quality, in every species, comes with a hefty price.

What You Should be Getting for That Price

  • At least a three generation pedigree (preferably more)
  • Titled Champions (sporting, working, or Conformation titles) in the pedigree, within the first two generations listed (directly descended from).
  • Hips and elbows have been certified "Good" or "Excellent" by OFA on both parents
  • Eyes have been CERFed free of genetic abnormalities.
  • A Guarrantee that your dog is free from inheritable diseases and conditions, with replacement (not exchange) or refund terms, should something happen.
  • A promise of a place to bring you dog back if you can not keep him or her any longer (more than a promise, usually a requirement).
  • Any help you need to help you become a better dog owner. Every breed has it's idiosyncrasies, and everybody needs help sometimes.
  • Care and grooming information.
  • Sample of the currently fed food, generally enough for the first few days, or more.
  • A good, even temperament, usually well-matched to the family/home he is being placed into.
  • A healthy, well-socialized dog who will adjust easily.
  • A mentor if you are planning to show, work, or breed your new dog.
The price of a purebred puppy should include all of these things. If it does not, you should be looking elsewhere. If you really want a healthy, happy, purebred dog, the price is worth it.

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