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How do I find something on About Dogs?


Question: How do I find something on About Dogs?

Answer: Sometime navigating this site can be pretty confusing. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to find whatever you are looking for.

The fastest method is the Search box located in the top, right-hand corner, inside the dark grey bar. Type in what you are looking for and you should be able to find it quickly in the results.

About Dogs also has a very extensive A to Z site map located here. However the pages are listed by title, and can sometimes be confusing if you are not sure what you are looking for.

Some of the main areas of About Dogs are :

  • Dog Breed Index
  • Dog Rescue Listings
  • Breed Club Listings
  • Photo Gallery
  • Glossary
  • Site Map
  • Article Archives

  • These pages are always updated, and if what you are looking for is not available when you first check, be sure to check again in a week, and it may be there.

    You can also join us on the Dog Park Forum, where many dog lovers and dog experts gather to chat about our favourite species and share knowledge. You can browse the discussions as a Guest, or you can join to become an About Member here: http://membership.about.com/, and post any questions you might have. Joining is free and easy.

    The final option is to email me at dogs.guide@about.com and I'll be happy to show you where to find what you are looking for. If not on my site, then out there in the world-wide web. Please be patient if you choose to email your request! I am not always at the computer, and sometimes email can go unanswered for a few days. If you are emailing about a health concern, please check with your veterinarian first! I am not a veterinarian, but am always happy to help dig up information once you have a diagnosis.

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