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Brushing Your Best Buddy


Brushing your dog isn't just for removing the little nasties his fur can pick up, a good brushing will keep your dog looking and feeling great, cut down the shedding drastically, as well as alert you to any skin and coat problems, and sometimes even internal parasites.
File this away for future reference, a dull coat can indicate a worm infestation, and it is best to see your veterinarian.

Like any job, proper tools are essential, and in case of grooming, tools should be matched to your dog's coat type.

Common Brushes

Short Coat - A soft bristled brush is perfect for this coat type. While not strong enough to penetrate deeper in a long-coated dog, on a short coat, this brush is ideal for removing dead hair and spreading the skin's natural oils.

Long Wavy or Wire Coat - A pin brush is best for this type of coat. The straight pins will go deep enough to pull out the dead hair that causes matting and also expel any hitchhikers

Long Curly or Silky Coat - The ever-versatile slicker brush. This is the most common pet brush you see, the one with the flat, rectangular head, and bent wire bristles. This brush can be used for any coat, but is best on a long soft coated dog. Use it to work out tangles that come with curls and to keep the straight silky coat soft and shiny.

Combs and Gloves

Wide-toothed combs are used to clean the undercoat of dogs with heavy, dense fur that regular brushes can not penetrate, like Malamutes and Chow Chows. A comb with closer-set teeth pull any lingering dead hair out after the majority of the work is done.

Hound gloves are unique brushes that you wear like a glove. Semi-soft rubber bristles on one side loosen dead fur in short coats, and the wire bristles on the opposite side strip the dead hair away. Because of the feeling of being caressed, a dog who fights the brush will generally sit for a hound glove.

Now that you've removed any unwanted hair, it's time for that bath!
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