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Finding Pet-Friendly Apartments


Thousands of North Americans out there already have a dog, but have trouble finding a pet-friendly apartment, forcing some to make the heart-breaking decision to re-home their pets. Pet Friendly apartments DO exist, but as more and more dog "incidents" happen because of irresponsible owners, the number is shrinking steadily.

Possible Dog Rules and Restrictions
*If* you are lucky enough to find an apartment or rental that does allow pets, some of the things you notice are the restrictions placed on pet owners:

  • All pets must be under a certain weight, leaving those of us with 100 pound lap dogs out in the cold.
  • A damage deposit of possibly $500.00 or more may be needed.
  • Your dog might need to be certified in either obedience or with a Canine Good Citizen award (as a side note, I do recommend that all the big dogs get a CGC anyway. It may one day be our only insurance against breed paranoia.)
  • Letters of recommendation from your veterinarian, or your former landlord if you had one.

  • Not every rental unit that is promoted as "pet-friendly" will have these restrictions, and likewise, some may have even stricter requirements. Ask around. If somebody you know isrenting and has a pet, ask about their unit. Ask at your veterinarian's office, and most definitely the local animal shelter (Humane Society, Animal Control offices, etc). Often these places will have a list of available units that will pets.

    Short List of Pet-Friendly Apartment Listings
  • The Apartment Dog, what breed?
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