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The Canine Good Citizen Test


What is the Canine Good Citizen Test?
The Canine Good Citizen is a program developed by the American Kennel Club in 1989, the Canine Good Citizen Program stresses responsible ownership and the importance of a well-mannered dog. In 1999, the AKC modified it's program to include a database of CGC certified dogs and a frameable certificate of accomplishment for the owners. It's overwhelming success as an evaluation program of good manners has led to it's adoption by other countries in recent years.

What does the CGC Test consist of?
The Canine Good Citizen Test has ten parts. Each part of test consists of regular, everyday occurrences. A normal, well-behaved dog should have no difficulty passing.

Part One: Allowing a friendly stranger to approach.
Part Two: Sitting calmly and politely to be pet.
Part Three: Allowing handling for grooming and physical examination.
Part Four: Heeling politely on a loose lead.
Part Five: Walking calmly through crowded areas.
Part Six: Sit on command, and down on command.
Part Seven: Coming when called.
Part Eight: Greeting another well-behaved dog without aggression or excitement.
Part Nine: Handling distractions and distracting environments.
Part Ten: Behaving well when in the care of another and the owner or trusted handler is out of sight.

Owners are permitted to use praise and encouragement during testing, but toys and treats are not allowed. Also prohibited are special training collars, such as electronic collars and devices, prong collars and head halters. Standard buckle collars, and slip collars are permitted, and the dog's personal brush is recommended to have on hand.

Grounds for Dismissal and Failure of the Test:
Aggressive behaviour, such as growling or snapping is prohibited and the dog that demonstrates these behaviours will fail. Marking territory or otherwise eliminating is prohibited. Excessive anxiety, barking, whining or other displays of nervousness will also fail the dog.
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