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When Anxiety Attacks


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Anxiety disorders are probably the most common complaint of dog owners around the globe. An anxious dog will show his fear in many ways. It is up to you, as a responsible dog owner, to recognize your dog's stress, and take steps to either desensitize your dog, or protect him from stressful situations.

Signs of stress and anxiety can often be excessive drooling, shivering, moaning, panting, whining, or reluctance to move.
Separation Anxiety is by far the most common. Owners come home to chewed furniture, soiled floors and can hear the barking and crying three houses away.

Noise Anxiety troubles thousands of animals. Dogs who are frightened of loud noises often try to run to a safe haven, and sometimes that desire for safety leads them into the opposite direction, into dangerous positions.
Social Anxiety is most often seen in dogs that were not properly socialized as puppies. Crowds and even small groups of people and dogs are overwhelming and the anxious dog feels cornered.
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