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I'm having a baby, what should I do with my dog?


Question: I'm having a baby, what should I do with my dog?

Answer: You're expecting a baby! Congratulations!

Many new parents think that the impending arrival of a new baby is time to get rid of the beloved family dog. Please don't make this mistake! You should start now, before Baby arrives, getting your dog used to baby items. Desensitizing your dog to baby sounds and restrictions that will come will help your dog accept his newest "sort of sibling".

Take your dog to obedience classes, even if you have before, just to get a refresher on them. Your dog will not only appreciate the one-on-one time with you, but will also have the lessons fresh in his mind when you need to use them. When the baby arrives, take care not to shut your dog out of your life! Jealously fosters quickly when the dog sees that the new baby has shunted him out of the family picture.

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