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The Dog For Home Protection

Vicious Guard Dog, or Noisy Watch Dog?


In the last few months I've gotten numerous emails from concerned people, asking "I want a guard dog, what kind should I get, and how do I train it?" Prompted by the rash of missing children lately, this question is getting more and more frequent.

What kind of dog makes the best guard dog?
Any dog that has a voice. That is it in a nutshell. If you want a guard dog, please go and adopt a dog from the Humane Society or your local animal shelter. The best guard dog is an alert watch dog. A dog who will bark when people enter your house is by far the best defense against unwanted intruders.

Common Mistakes

The Bigger The Dog, The More Protective
False. Absolutely false. Size makes no difference whatsoever. Your dog absorbs everything into his personality, in other words, your dog is what you make him. A dog who is well-loved, will grow to be a loving and stable family pet, regardless of size, who is willing to do everything to keep you happy. A dog who is neglected, abused, or otherwise mishandled, will grow into an unstable, hazardous animal, who might turn out to be the need for protection, rather than the protection you are looking for.

If I Want A Dog For Home Protection, I Should Look For Someone Who Breeds Mean Dogs
Whoa! No, no, no, and NO! Breeding for a mean temperament is the first sign you should be looking elsewhere. A dog with a nasty temperament quickly becomes a liability on you, as a homeowner and dog owner, and a danger to everyone he comes into contact with. What you need, is a dog with a steady, stable temperament. You need a dog who responds well to interaction, and is eager to please.

I Only Want A Dog For Home Protection
This is the biggest mistake of them all. Do you want a dog as a loving member of the family, or do you want a dog just to keep intruders out? Dogs are so much more than a barking machine. Dogs come with health care costs, feeding costs, and time investments. If all you want is something to keep your home safe, please, put down that phone, forget about calling your local humane society. Instead, please pick up the phone book and look for a home security place near you that sells burglar alarms. They work out to be much cheaper in the long run, less time consuming, and above all, won't get you sued when your poorly trained dog bites the meter reader.

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