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How to Train Your Dog to Come When You Call
From your Dogs Guide

One of the biggest hassles for dog owners is an unreliable recall. Here are some simple enough steps to help your dog enjoy returning to your side when he's off-leash.

Here's How:
  1. Find out what motivates your dog. What kind of treat always gets an instant reaction?
  2. Invest in a hefty supply of your dog's favourite treats, be it biscuits, or liver bites.
  3. Start in the house, and call your dog's name.
  4. As soon as he arrives at your feet, give him a treat.
  5. Repeat consistently, every time your dog comes when you call his name inside your home, give him a treat.
  6. Once you have established this pattern to your satisfaction, take him to a secure outside location.
  7. Start again.
  8. Call your dog's name.
  9. As soon as he arrives at you, give him a treat and praise lavishly.
  10. Repeat constantly.
  11. Wait until your dog's attentionis is focused on something other than you (still in a secure outside enviroment).
  12. Call his name.
  13. When he lifts is head, praise him, and show your hand with his favourite treat.
  14. When he reaches you, give him the treat.
  15. Repeat this excersize continuously over the next few days.


  1. Even though your dog has established the pattern to his mind, you = treats ; it is never completely safe to let your dog run off-leash unless you are in a secure enviroment.

What You Need:

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