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Jenna Stregowski, RVT

Dog Breed of the Week: Basenji

By December 19, 2012

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The Basenji is arguably one of the most unique dog breeds out there. The breed is very clean, basically odorless, and grooms itself. The Basenji does not bark, but kind of yodels instead. It is a breed known to be independent, playful and highly skilled as a hunter. No, really - the Basenji is not a cat, but it's probably the closest any canine can come to the feline species.

So, if you love cats and want a dog, maybe the Basenji is your type. Or, if you are allergic to dogs, the breed is also a great choice. The Basenji's short and soft hair sheds very little (if at all), leaving less dander in your environment. However, even if you are not a cat lover or allergic, the Basenji still makes a wonderful companion. This is a well-rounded dog: active, affectionate, intelligent and loyal. To me, the Basenji is like the perfect blend of small dog plus big dog with a dash of feline. Unique indeed!

If you love Basenjis, share your story with others here.

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