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brussels griffons dogs breed westminster The Brussels Griffon caught quite a bit of attention last week when it won Best in Group and competed for the title of Best in Show in the Westminster Dog Show. So, I thought it fitting to feature this cute little toy dog as the breed of the week! At a glance, the smooth coat version closely resembles a Pug, while the rough coat looks more like an Affenpinscher or a type of spaniel. Your eyes do not deceive you - the breeds are actually related!

Though the Brussels Griffon is not among the most popular breeds in America, many love this breed for its high-spirited attitude and adorable looks. Perhaps, in time, more people will catch on to this precious dog breed! Are you a fan of the Brussels Griffon? Please tell us more and submit a photo if you have one!

Photo of a smooth coat Brussels Griffon competing in the Westminster Dog Show
© Chris McGrath / Getty Images


July 26, 2010 at 11:57 pm
(1) Pennie Endres says:

I have Shihtzus I first discovered my adoration for the Brussel Griffon when I saw it in a movie w/Jack Nicholsen. I would like to have one eventually. I didn’t know what the dog was until today at my veteranarian. Now I just need to locate one. I thought all this time it may have been some kind of. Mix with a Shihtzu, no offense to this breed. I will pursue my search for one of these breeds that I so long ago mistakened for a different breed.

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